Weird Fish S.A. is an operating independent video game developer for PCs and consoles. The company was founded in 2019 in Warsaw on the initiative of Marek Sobół and Wiktor Szymanski.

The Weird Fish team is made up of a carefully selected group of game developers. Their extensive experience has translated into the creation of many internationally recognized games, including Dead Island, Dead Island Riptide, Call of Juarez, Dying Light, n’aild, Mad Riders, Fim Speedway 2017, Hard Reset, Painkiller and Green Hell.

In April this year, Weird Fish’s first original production, Oddyssey: Your Space, Your Way, debuted on Steam. The publisher of the project is 505 Games, a global game publisher and distributor owned by Digital Bros, which – as of June this year. – also owns the IP.

The Weird Fish team is working on a new title with the working name Anabasis. It will be a Roguelite FPS/ Boardgame Crossover game.

Weird Fish plans to join the ranks of public companies listed on the NewConnect.

In July this year. Weird Fish released the first concept from its new game.

The studio’s original production is an FPS with the working name Anabasis. The team is currently preparing a demo. The project’s story concept and graphics are at an advanced stage, and intensive development work is underway.

ADRESS: Weird Fish S.A. Stawki 2, 00-964 Warszawa

PHONE: +48 502 258 385